Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WINNERS: Kidofdoom tickets and new album!

Two people have just won themselves a pair of tickets to see Kidofdoom and a copy of the new album, My Faith In War.

I had so very many great requests with all very valid reasons why they (the people who entered) deserved the tickets. I couldn’t pick. So I moseyed over to and entered in all of your wonderful names and decided that once I click ‘RANDOMIZE’, I would pick the top two of the randomized list as my winners. So congratulations Mr x and Ms y!

You didn’t think I would really be silly enough to put their names up just yet? They will be emailed shortly to confirm their victory! Be sure to check to avoid disappointment!

Well done.

If you are unfamiliar with this competition, click here to see what you missed out on.

Get down to the Klein Libertas tonight to support one of South Africa's very best acts as well as Friday to see them at Mercury.

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