Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eat This, Horse are back

So after 200 odd years of recording and garden cricket (I have it under good authority that they engaged in the sport frequently when they were supposed to be practicing), Eat This, Horse are back!! When I was fresh out of high school, these guys were one of the most sort after live acts around. No kidding, they were like Rabbit from my parents era.
So, now they are back to support Sticky Antlers on their Cape Tour stop at The Assembly.

Assembly invite


Richard said...

Rad! I dug this band! So glad they are back. have they got all the same members. Cause i remember one of them was going overseas or studying somewhere or something.

heino said...

it's all the same members, yes. what an awesome band. wait-wait, let me say it again... what an awesome band!