Friday, September 18, 2009

Women of the Industry: Feist

I got a request for a Women of Industry post on Leslie Feist. Leslie Feist is another Canadian artist I love and respect. She grew up in an arty family and spent some of her childhood in a town called Sackville. Awesome name. She got serious with her music when she was 15 as part of a punk outfit, Placebo, no not that Placebo. They got to play with the Ramones, (yes that Ramones) when they won a battle of the bands contest. Ahh, remember battle of the bands. [Flip I miss band battles. There were (and still are) some truly terrible bands in CT.]
After fiddling with other bands playing bass and guitar, she went solo producing a number of awesome albums - Let it Die, Open Season and The Reminder. She also recorded Monarch, but that was in the late 90's. I can't decide which I prefer - Let it Die or The Reminder.
Her track, 1234 is one of my favourites and she owes her inspiration for that music video to her involvement in the Olympics where she was a dancer many moons ago (1988). Have a listen to a Vanshe/Technologic remix of 1234 below.
1234 (Vanshe Technologic remix) - Feist (zShare)

If you know of any women in particular who should be in this series, give me a hollar!

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Double Hawk said...

When I think of 'women of the industry', the first that comes to mind for me is PJ Harvey. Then, I'd suggest Alison Mosshart, she's in The Kills, The Dead Weather, and has done work with Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets. They are both really great!