Monday, August 17, 2009

Where is all the good music?

[image from FFFOUND!]
Over the last few weeks, I have noticed a decline in the number of sublime tunes available. I have even supplemented my lack of music downloads with the download of a BBC documentary on The Stone Roses. Added to this, frequent podcast downloads from triplej (Aussie radio station) keep things fresh, but on the whole, I am not feeling very musically inspired.

However, this morning I stumbled across one of the best fan videos I have EVER seen. Grizzly Bear's song, Two Weeks is great. But that's no secret. Some fan went crazy with his design/computure skills and made this:

I wish my fans were this creative. This video truly blows my mind whole!

I am looking for new mind bending music. Does anyone have any suggestions, preferably with links attached? Who's the next big band? Not even Gorilla vs Bear have been very helpful and I religiously read that blog.

I am somewhat inspired to put together some of my best songs. I am going to go with my top 10 of this year I think. A decade is too long and 40 is too many. A decade ago I was in primary school! I'm blue dubadee dubadi dubadee dubadi dubadee dubadi!. No thanks.

I am looking forward to Humbug though.


Double Hawk said...

Haha, 90's songs bring back weird memories. It's becoming very difficult to find good new stuff, I agree.

Anonymous said...

Although not new, worth a listen:

The Features
Deer Tick


Ben Rausch said...

Dunno if they'll float your boat, but I've been LOVING:

Summer Cats
The new "Why?" album - "Eskimo Snow"

Hope there's something in there you enjoy.