Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday: More Desmond winners and more Desmond giveaways

Wednesday's winners:

Stephen "Sexilicious" Huson (favourite song is Kiss you on the Cheek)

Helen Elizabeth Blaine (favourite song is Pictures)

Stephen is going to Mercury, while Helen is going to Klein Libertas.

Keep up the good design stuff. Stephen Huson even wrote a song to try and convince me to give him a pair of tickets. I have conceded that he deserves tickets. What do you think?

Stephen Huson's ticket to the Tutus - Stephen Huson (zShare)

The last EP track for download:

New Disaster - Desmond & The Tutu (zShare)

If you want my 2 next pair of tickets, you have to email me. No previous emails count! Why should I give you tickets? Give me:


Preferred venue (Mercury/Libertas):

Favourite song:

Motivation (optional):

Chat later. Send your emails to richardcoleking[at]gmail[dot]com.

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