Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday: Last day to get tickets!!

So Thursday's winners are:

Dino Van der Merwe (favourite song is High Fives)

Tim Cole (favourite songs are Peter and Pictures)

Dino has promised me that he will wear a Desmond Tutu outfit (including face paint) if I give him a pair of tickets to Klein Libertas. Tim Cole has pestered me all week for tickets, I have given in. He is going to Mercury.

Friday is the last chance. I will announce the last two winners at lunch time. So, email me on richardcoleking[at]



Favourite Desmond song:

The Sound is DJing tonight at the Desmond party. It's going to be huge. Below is definitely my favourite remixed Desmond track. Crazy Rebel is already a huge song, but The Sound adds a new dimension. Take a listen and get a little amped for a big party.

Crazy Rebel (The Sound remix) - Desmond & The Tutus (zShare)


Hater said...


Richard Cole King said...

I would tell you not to be a hater, but I fear it might be a little late. I love LOVE the way you linked your name to the wiki meaning for nepotism.

Anonymous said...

timothy cole king.

very cryptic.