Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What people do for tickets

More pictures. Awesome. This one uses a little more creative license. This pic was drawn, photographed and submitted to my scrutiny by Zahra Robertson.

One kid thought he was cool to email me photographs from a previous Desmond outing.
He wasn't.


dino_vd_merwe said...

Hehe! that photo from we are awesome is classic! tell me Rich, is that bloke on your back getting a free ticket?
are these the sort of things one must do? :-P

Richard Cole King said...

These are not the sort of things people must do. 'that bloke'(David Huson) has not applied for tickets, so as of yet, no.

Be creative dino_vd_merwe, bring some Northern Suburbs flavour to this here party (huge stereotype I know).

zahra said...

yes yes...what people do for tickets. :P

i must say that pic of you and davey is rather rad.