Monday, August 24, 2009

Tuesday: More Desmond tickets to give away

Monday winners:

Luke Ferguson (favourite song is Crazy Rebel from their first LP)

Grethe Bredenkamp (favourite song is Peter, a song about a girl with a guy's name)

They are going to Mercury. They will be contacted via email about their tickets.

Day two: two more sets of Desmond & The Tutus tickets to give away.

Email me on richardcoleking[at] and provide me with the following:


Preferred venue (Mercury/Klein Libertas):

Favourite Desmond song of all time:

Email me now and win!

Free download from the EP:

Meatloaf Tribute Band - Desmond & The Tutus

For more info click here for the first post of the week with all the relevant information.

Mercury Event

Libertas Event

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