Monday, August 24, 2009

Smack & The Talks give aways

Thus begins a week of Desmond ticket giveaways and track downloads.

As you know by now, Desmond & The Tutus have just recorded and released their new EP, __& The__ and have been touring in bits and pieces to promote the release. This weekend, they are coming to Cape Town to play two shows, one at Mercury Live on Friday night and the other, at Klein Libertas on Saturday night.

All you have to do to claim one of two double tickets, is email me, richardcoleking[at]gmail[dot]com and provide me with the following:


Prefered venue (Mercury/Libertas):

Favourite Desmond song of all time:

If you don't win today, you can try again tomorrow and the next day and so on. Do stuff to convince me you deserve the tickets, post comments etc.

You have from the time the post is up until 8pm daily to enter except Friday when you have until 3pm.

Also, daily, I will post rad tunes from the new EP and on Friday, a sick remix track I got last week.

Suzanne - Desmond & The Tutus (zShare)

I will also announce winners daily.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Desmond and the Tutus are the Shizzle!

and if you need more persuasion as to why you should give me tickets...I'M YOUR BROTHER!