Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daddy Certainly Don't Disco!

The much anticipated Daddy Don't Disco was launched at The Assembly on Friday night to a very large and expectant crowd. But after no gigs in Cape Town for about 4 months, and a wicked cool deal from Sony BMG, The Dirty Skirts were boring. Baring their single, Can't Remember Your Name and the oldies that everyone know and love, the new songs left one wondering whether the correct response was to dance or just watch. For the most part, they were just watched. As much as Jeremy and the lads were giving it everything on stage, they lacked the energy of the Skirts of old.
Having said that, Cape Town's support was unfounded. With two other massive gigs just a stone's throw from The Assembly, The Dirty Skirts managed to grab the lion's share.

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