Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Launch of all Launches!

After years of listening online to your favourite garage recorded songs, it has arrived! Desmond & the Tutus have released Tuckshop, their debut album! About [expletive] time too! What’s more is they are on their way to the Mother of all cities (Cape Town) to launch it at two EXPLOSIVE parties at Evol and the Klein Libertas (Stellenbosch) this weekend.
Desmond is well known for its African feel indie music creating possibly the most original sounding act in South Africa currently. They have even played in Cape Town with our (Cape Town's) very best, the New Loud Rockets. Check out previous posts for more pics and info on the band.
To be at either (or preferably both) of the parties, click along to the Evol invite for Friday and the Klein Libertas invite for Saturday. Saturday night also boasts PTA act Kidofdoom and another Cape Town favourite, Unit R. Wow.

It is going to be a weekend like no other.

See you there Cape Town…

Photos by Angie Batis

Watch this space for an album review!

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