Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back from the Wilderness

Dave certainly looked like he was back from some sort of time out as he appeared on stage looking a little like I would imagine Jesus looked 2000 odd years ago as the New Loud Rockets whipped out the new material.

I missed the opening two acts, but my friend, Luca said I didn't miss much. Sad, but true. The opening acts were the New Holland and the Pretty Blue Guns. I have seen the Pretty Blue Guns perform, and I enjoyed, but I was quite sad to miss one of the new exciting talents on the scene (ie the New Holland).

The reason I supposedly didn't miss much was down to a couple of reasons. The turnout was poor and the sound mix was awful which obviously lead and leads to poor sounding bands. Having said that, the Assembly is doing things that other gigging venues can only observe and dream of. During their closure, they installed arcade machines, lights above the foosball (finally) and huge amounts of sound proofing. They are pretty unique in that way. Big up! The next step will be to fix the sound.

Anyway, the NLR whipped out some oldies and some newbies, some went well, others, not as well. Unfortunately Bleeding in a Cab is still a crowd favourite (and so they will keep playing it!).

John (the lead boytjie) said in an unofficial interview afterwards, that the band is looking at going places musically that they never imagined. This means, experimenting with a different sound, and (I can't avoid the cliche, because he said it), their music is still a work in progress. I guess that's a good thing though. No one wants to hear a band that is struggling to evolve and mature. Am I right?

Later this month the boys will be playing with Desmond & The Tutus in Joburg, if you are there, check it out. They play really well together!

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