Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cape Town Disco with Desmond

This weekend saw Desmond & the Tutus in Cape Town to show off their latest creation, Tuck Shop. They played two packed out gigs, Friday at Evol and Saturday at The Klein Libertas. They enjoyed favour and love from the Evol crowd as dancing was more of a reaction than anything else. An involuntary combination of dance moves is standard at any Desmond gig. Sweat flew from shaking brows and drinks were spilled. White shoes turned a black/brown colour and everyone was happy.
Desmond & the Tutus at Evol (above)
Saturday night saw the Tutus pair up with Unit.R and Kidofdoom in Stellenbosch for a giant merrymaking. Together with Shane's (vocals) ridiculous larger than life stage presence, Nick (bass) and Doug's (electric guitar) charismatic dance moves and The Klein Libertas' huge lighting, Desmond won the hearts of every attendee and worker.
One of the secrets to the Desmond live performance success is the absence of an instrument to hold Shane back. Even when he whips out the harmonica, it compliments his character.
Above: Shane showing off his futuristic dance moves, which are mimicked enthusiastically by the crowd. He calls this dance the German Modern.

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