Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CD Review: Tuck Shop

Desmond & the Tutus have just launched their debut album, Tuck Shop, featuring all their greatest sing alongs like Saggy Bottom Speedo Swimmer and Peter (I can't love you, the way you need me to). They were recently in Cape Town launching the new album. The album (and all of Desmond's songs) prove that lyrics don't have to be all "arty" and "deep" to be enjoyable or accepted. Songs focus on themes such as girls with boys names, hard high fives, speedos and other ridiculously comical ideas. The album is well put together by Adrian Levi and is a MUST have for any music lover. If you enjoy bands like Kings Of Leon and The Vampire Weekend, you will definitely enjoy this very South African act.

Above photo from We Are Awesome.

Tuck Shop

1. “Peter” (song about a girl with a boy’s name)

2. “Good and Guilty”

3. “Old Girls”

4. “Kiss You on the Cheek” (about everything inside of you wanting to kiss this girl on the cheek)

5. “German Modern” (a song about a new dance move coined by Desmond)

6. “Crazy Rebel”

7. “Saggy Bottom Speedo Swimmer” (song about a kid who has lost his swimming trunks and has to swim in a speedo)

8. “Pictures”

9. “High Fives” (song about a kid who gives really hard high fives)

10. “Head to the Side”

11. “Too Late”

If you would like to get your hands on a copy of Tuck Shop (the greatest album I have got this year), email the band at hi@desmondandthetutus.co.za! They would love to help you out with a copy.


Anonymous said...

i love desmond. yes i do. i love desmond, hows about YOU?

nice one boss man.

Luca Vincenzo said...

I've seen someone else say their lyrics aren't "arty" or "deep" before. Oh, and compare them to Vampire Weekend.... hmmm. :P

Luca Vincenzo said...

Yes, thats right. This is where I saw it first...



Richard Cole King said...

Ok, in case anyone actually cares, I got the idea of desmond's lyrics not being "arty" and "deep" and the comparison of their music being similar(ish) to Vampire Weekend from a fellow blogger called Luca Vincenzo. I liked his description and agreed with the comparison and I borrowed them. I try learn from what I read. Am I a bad person?

Berry said...

not a bad person, just need to learn to reference people properly.

a plagiarizer would be more correct.