Monday, August 18, 2008

We are the dream

Once a month a team of music geniuses get together and present to the public, DayDream Nation. A mix of electro-indie-rock beats, laser lights, smoke machines, lighting bolts hanging from the ceiling and a whole lota dancing.

The regular venue, LBs (above Joburg bar in Long Street) proved to be too small to contain this massive party, so where to from there? The hottest music venue in Cape Town, The Assembly. (Even though the period of closure put a slight damper on things, they still reopened at the top of their pile.)

Nevertheless, we had a venue, we had the music, the décor and the date (16 August). All we needed were the coolest kids in town to attend, and true to form, they arrived. Let’s get the party started. As if in a lucid dream, Hipless Couples (Len Cocroft, co-creator of Daydream Nation) begun the laser light party and bodies streamed onto and fill the dance floor, illuminated in neon lights and engulfed in smoke. The Assembly had once again morphed into a different shape, always new never dull.

[Unfortunately, due to restrictions put on The Assembly by the city council and the cops rocking up on Saturday night, the sound and bass had to be turned down a touch, which is sad at any party.]

Next up was Orlando Doom (Jonathan Muir, owner of Baseline Studios in Long street and creator of Daydream Nation), no stranger to the Assembly Dj line-up, mixing, spinning and dominating. The Assembly filled up to a comfortable amount of people, all united as a Nation (even though we lost the rugby) of partying Day dreamers. Let your inhabitations fly and let the music control your mind and soul.To keep us dancing until the early hours of Sunday morning, Backtrack (Loucas Polydorou, guest Dj) knocked out some bass beats with killer synth to round of the night and send us off to dreamland one more time before reality struck and it was 2am closing time.

But no fear, because the dream shall continue with the memories created that night and hey, if you missed it, there’s always next month. Keep the dream alive!

Post by Kate Roux
Photography by Zahra Robertson
Flyer by Jono Waldburger


Anonymous said...

thanks for the write up

...we do it just for you

next one will be loud as fuck

len said...

hey richard thanks for the great write up on our party,id love to get some of my music in youre hands and up on youre blog,see ya at the next one hopefully it will be louder

Richard Cole King said...

Len, I posted a track for download indirectly from Zahra in a subsequent post, but if you have other stuff let me know. I could do an interview with you sometime if you'd like as well. Let people know the person behind the music etc. email me and we can meet or chat.

Anonymous said...

love the lazer !