Saturday, October 3, 2009

Winners: Their actual Names

So now that everyone in Cape Town has enjoyed the awesomeness that is KIDOFDOOM, I can safely announce the winners.

Matthew Griffiths hadn't previously seen them but had heard great things about the band.

He said this:

"I don't know kidofdoom that well. I know of them as an up and coming band and I recognise a few of their songs but I don't own any and I've never seen them live... So that's why I want to go... I'm interested and keen and who knows... you might just turn me into a fan and I might just end up doing them a music video or something."

He has clearly had a sheltered childhood. I think he is a designer or director so something.

Grethe Bredenkamp is an avid KOD fan and entered a couple of times to ensure her place at the show.

She said:

"i have seen almost every show of theirs in CT...i even went to evol (that says alot).
im afikaans,they're afrikaans."

I trust the two of you are enjoying your new CD. Have a safe weekend.

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