Monday, October 19, 2009

Ashtray Electric Outplay Dirty Skirts


Ashtray Electric and the Dirty Skirts played on Saturday night at Assembly. It was a good party. AE kicked things off with one of their best sets that I’ve seen. Unfortunately, Dirty Skirts open for no-one. As a result a nearly half full Assembly venue got to enjoy what the entire place should have been fortuned to witness – an energy sapping, musically extravagant act where their was never a thought that the lads were ‘going through the motions’. One thing is guaranteed at an AE show, you will witness them having fun on stage and interacting with the crowd. For all the love and fame they have acquired, they are still humble, level headed oakes who love music and can be seen chatting with almost anyone prior to or after a show.


Then Dirty Skirts came on and sang a few songs that went something like, “Woooooaaaah, Woooooooaaaaaaaaah” and on occasions, they threw in the odd “Cape Town!” for good measure, just in case anyone wonders where they are from. I didn’t enjoy their show and haven’t since they took a six month break from playing CT clubs to record their latest album. That was a long while ago.

Jeremy singing, "Woooaaah Cape Town!"

Photographs curtesy of the lovely (and now really bald) LizeKay. Follow her rants on twitter and check out her blog.

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