Friday, October 16, 2009

Annie - I Don't Like Your Band

I stumbled across this young lady and the below track earlier this week, and was not amazed, but hung onto it all the same. Since then, it has grown on me, to the point, that I am even posting it on my blog!! Wow. Way to break the more-than-a-week silence! This is actually a banging tune.

And, if you are a regular reader of Smack Talk, you will know I have been struggling with cheaply constructed and mass produced sounds. Annie missed proposed release date after proposed release date to tweak and fine tune things she was 'unhappy' with. Even in the face of leaked versions of the album, she has pushed on to perfect her sound. She has done well, a lady after my own heart. Her track, I Don't Like Your Band is testament to work ethic. The full album is due to be released on 17 November, (via The Hype Machine).

Annie - I Don't Like Your Band

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