Monday, October 26, 2009

Originals, Remixes, Covers and All Round Happiness

Over the last few days (or week) I have been fortuitous enough to stumble across some very cool tracks. I thought I would share.

La Roux have been all over, making them one of the fastest sellout bands I have heard. They have been mashed with 'original sellout' boys, The Killers. It's actually a pretty cool mash-up. Take a listen:

Smile like you're bulletproof - The Killers vs La Roux (zShare)

Katy Perry seems to be getting her music on with every major electro act (I think particularly back to her mixing it up with Calvin Harris on the song, Waking up in Vegas). Now Boys Noize have collabed with Perry:

Katy On Boys (Katy Perry vs Boys Noize) - Dunproofin'

So Metric's new album is such a winner. Fantasies has attracted a lot of acclaim from top music critics. They have also allowed for some sweet downloads of acoustic and on occasions, original versions of the songs from the album.

Gimme Sympathy - Metric (zShare)

Hot Chip's album, Made in the Dark disappointed a lot of people as it was way more chilled than their previous attempt, The Warning. One of the tracks that was remixed to death was their single, Ready for the Floor, a more upbeat club track. Lissy Trullie has gone one better (because there are only so many remixes that can be made of a song before it's just not recognisable). She's done a cover.

Ready For The Floor (Hot Chip Cover) - Lissy Trullie (zShare)

Enjoy kids. I know I have.

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