Monday, October 5, 2009

What is going on with the music industry world wide?

Who are these guys again??

I have been doing a lot of thinking and a little conversing with the likes of @shawnroos and @andrewtberry and we have decided that there is far too much 'cheaply' constructed music out there. A lot of bands and DJs are taking full advantage of technology that affords them the ability to produce tons of tracks in quick succession with little effort on their part. As a result there is not much time spent perfecting elements of tracks that almost make songs timeless.

Six years ago: I buy an album. I listen to it stukkend and then listen to it again. This can take upwards of two months.
Nowadays: I buy an album. I listen to it stukkend and then buy another one. This can take as little as two weeks.

What is going on? Is my reasoning correct as to why we are moving on so fast from our first music love? It seems as though bands with names realise that they can make mountains of cash provided they produce something quickly. There is a money making formula - if you produce a sound that the vast majority of people like, instead of being 'true' to what it is that makes your sound unique, the blind millions will buy it.
The ORIGINAL sell-outs

Remixes are something else entirely: If you are a decent artist and you produce a track, guaranteed, there will be ten awful remixes out there by the time your CD hits the shelves. Maybe one nice one. But this is a different topic somewhat.
Please stop making music

It seems as though the 'WOW' factor that shrouds many new albums/singles doesn't last like it used to. Alternatively, the 'WOW' is directed at the album artwork.

I don't want to mention any names lest I offend.

Free example track of the little remix rant:

Love Like A Sunset (Animal Collective RMX - Deakin's Jam) - Phoenix

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