Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Eigenharp

So, one of the world's newest instruments has been launched. The Eigenharp is a very interesting music making device that might be the sound of the future. It retails for $5,8k, so there is no rush to purchase it.

This bizarre instrument is part woodwind, part drum and part piano. It can be blown, tapped and stroked to make sweet sounds, or you know, not so sweet sounds if you suck at playing it. (For the record, there was no innuendo intended for this last sentence.)

The Eigenharp is the brainchild of John Lambert, a musician and software entrepreneur, whose Devon-based team has been working on the project for eight years. He got tired of setting up loads of instruments every time he played a gig.

If you want to see this piece of magic in action, click here.

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