Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who has released the best album of 2009? Part 3

It's Blitz! - Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Such a great album. And, might I add, quite different from their other stuff, and refreshingly so. When I first heard their single, Zero, I was addicted. I downloaded the video and played it to all my friends. A friend who had the album said, I would prefer the track, Dull Life. I told him he was lying. And I was sure he was. Zero is easy to listen to and made me stoked.
Then, the day arrived. I got hold of the album in it's entirety and sure enough, Zero's hold on me began to weaken in a big way. Soon, I was listening to some of the other beauts like Heads Will Roll and Shame and Fortune. But my favourite track on It's Blitz! has to be Dull Life. Listen to it, and if you disagree with me, well, you're an idiot, plain and simple. Kidding. but the whole album is really an easy listen, which for some more conservative listeners is in sharp contrast to the 2003 album, Fever To Tell and more specifically, tracks like Date With the Night and Tick.

Anyway, if you haven't gone out to get it, GET IT. You should be able to get it from Astore, if not, try online. My biggest complaint with this album and I guess the band in general is that I have to scroll down so far on my iPod to get to them. It is taxing on my fingers.

Check out Heads Will Roll live below: (Man, what I would do to see this band live.)

I will post a Heads Will Role remix from DAN OH tomorrow. It's pretty great.

  1. Zero
  2. Heads Will Roll
  3. Soft Rock
  4. Skeletons
  5. Dull Life
  6. Shame and Fortune
  7. Runaway
  8. Dragon Queen
  9. Hysteric
  10. Little Shadow
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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Site

I might have a look at Grizzly Bear next. I am loving Veckatimest.

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Anonymous said...

Other 2009 albums to consider:

Franz Ferdinand?
Billy Talent?
Dan Auerbach? (of the Black Keys)
Dead Weather?

Those are just a few of my favourite things...

Maybe not quite to your taste but that said I was somewhat surprised to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs featuring...