Monday, July 20, 2009

The Chevelle before Party...

It wasn't really the Chevelle before party, but it sure felt that way.

Saturday night was supposed to be a fun gigging night with the typical Assembly crowd. It was set to feature some dancing and some foosball. It wasn't. Firstly, it was so unbelievably full, there was little room to move let alone dance. It was sold out. Secondly, the crowd was uncharacteristic of a typical Assembly rock show. Jocks jocks JOCKS, every-freaking-where you looked! I was scared to bump shoulders with anyone lest I get beaten up by an ill tempered thug sporting his girlfriend's pullover because he poured beer on his t-shirt on purpose (true story).
At one stage, the aforementioned jock and four of his friends, including an IT guy who does freelance work for my company decided it would be fun, no, a LOT of fun to stand in a circle, take off their shirts and pour beer on each other's heads. Now, we are not talking about weedy guys, I am referring to some plus sized boytjies who spend almost every unemployed minute at gym and have a diet exclusively made up of protein shakes. Those guys. Those guys who make up for their lack of height by being as wide and expend most of their mental capacity trying stuff a larger subwoofer into their retarded car. I am digressing so let me continue...
Oh, yes, there was a band. Zebra & Giraffe played their last show of their East Coast winter tour. And boy were they happy it was over. Not to say they didn't enjoy it, they did. But frontman Gregg Carlin expressed his gratitude at being finished with the tour. (I would really like to insert a quote here, but unfortunately most of what he said was written on his face. You know, lines of wariness and the like.) Their show was good, well, the little I was able to 'see' of it. The sound was great and their two (??) new songs were very promising. Drummer Darren appreciated the positive commentary on the new tracks, but said they were a still under construction.

The Wedding DJs followed Z&G with a set that made me yawn a number of times. Clearly not my vibe. This said, there were many people who got their freak on and danced themselves stukkend. But, they just played tracks with little concern for mixing or transitions. Anyway.

It was a fun night, mainly thanks to the beef cakes who eventually got thrown out.

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