Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vice Launch with NYPC DJ set

So Friday night did not carry the wow factor that so many had hoped and expected for. While New Young Pony Club's Lou Hayter is nothing short of visually beautiful, her DJ set, was, well AWFUL!

Inge got things underway with her typical experimental self. It was interesting. Her stage presence is bewilderingly enchanting.

The turn of Ashtray Electric arrived, and they impressed. They were probably the most enjoyable act of the evening. I only have one question about Overstared. Does anyone who knows anything about wine, like sweet wine? The song doesn't go, "The DESERT wine tastes sweeter..." Personally, I don't like sweet wine. Now, if the song went something along the lines of, "The honey tastes sweeter..." , or "The liquer tastes sweeter..." (if it has to be alcoholic) I would be all for it. It doesn't. Oh well. Girls seem to think it's beautiful.
I am getting sidetracked.

The reason for the evening, was the launch of the controversial, most interesting, Vice Magazine. I got a couple of copies. I haven't really looked too much at it just yet, but it looks pretty controversial. I am looking forward to some time to read a few of the articles. Unfortunately I feel the need to reiterate the disappointment of Lou's set. She started the set with some reggae/hop. No actual New Young Pony Club beats. Things, progressed and turned to some more heavy electro. Still no NYPC tracks. Eventually, shortly before I gave up on her, Ice Cream began. No remix, just straight track. At least it made the cut. Then, rock. Not 'indie' rock, RAGE AGAINST THE freaking MACHINE rock. It was the most bizarre DJ set I have heard, I am sure of it. Fortunately for her, some people were either tripping or couldn't look beyond her music profile, and so they seemed to enjoy it.

I don't think I am alone on this one.

Fusball was fun.

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Anonymous said...

Thought Ashtray Electric were also very average. Lead singers vocals are nowhere.

Well done, Inge, outclassed the rest.

Anonymous said...

she is super pretty. wow

Anonymous said...

Assumptions are a terrible place to start a criticism.

Assuming "The wine tastes sweeter" implies that it is better is putting your expected intentions in the vocalist lyrics.
Maybe he never wanted to say it tasted better with you. just sweeter....