Thursday, July 2, 2009

NYPC - Cape Town - 10 July 2009

So, the New Young Pony Club are amazing live. This is according to Sean from (or in the latest GQ). "Best band I have EVER seen!" His words.

It's not the full band/group/contingent. Lou Hayter typically responsible for keys is playing a DJ set at Assembly on the night. Nevertheless, this is possibly the biggest thing that has ever happened to the club music scene in Cape Town!

Vice can give you what you want! Vice can make your heart beat short. Vice Magazine is coming to Cape Town. This very exciting publication is released (with different content) all over the world and is responsible for bringing Lou to our shores.

In addition to Lou, you can expect to see the likes of:
Ashtray Electric

Inge Beckmann (formerly of Lark)
Ree-Burth (Soweto Rock)
DJ Lapse

If you want tickets to this historic Vice Launch, click along to we are awesome, or email blaise at

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