Friday, April 3, 2009


Ek kan nie Afrikaans praat nie. Ek kan nie Afrikaans verstaan nie. Maar ek het Stellenbos toe gegaan om vir Fokof te gaan kyk. (I had to get a friend to help me with that last sentence.) It was my second time in Stellenbosch in a week, record breaking stuff really.

It was crazy. Cape Town does not compare in any way to Stellies. Heads and shoulders were but stepping stones for Franci as he pranced around on what I thought was the stage. He may be small, but he is a god in those parts. I understood nothing!

The open air KLT was very well attended on Wednesday night with an estimated 1400 people! This was no thanks at all to an act that looks like something out of the 80’s, Slashdogs. The name does nothing for them either. The lead singer looks like Xmen’s Wolverine in 30 years time. Generally it would be considered a compliment for a man to be compared to Hugh Jackman, but he looked and sounded awful. I think the crowd were a little unsure of how to react to the travesty.

They finally finished and it took 20min to get a drink. Then Francois came on, and the fun began in a real way. I felt like the only one there who knew one Fokof song. And, as is Polisiekar tradition, I had to wait till the last song of the set to hear it. “Fokof, Fokofpolisiekar, Fokof!” Fun. I even prided myself on listening to and learning the lyrics for a Van Coke song, thinking it was a Fokof song. The ignorance I am bleeding on this post is making me faint.

Anyway, kids in Stellenbosch don’t dance like the typical Cape Town indie kids, it’s a completely different scene! The more fighting and moshing during a set, the better a show is!! If you get your shirt ripped and get to pinch Francois’ belly, you feel like you have found salvation and getting hit on the head by a flying, empty Tassenberg or Black Label bottle is par for the course. It was super entertaining.

After the show, once the dust had settled and people had picked themselves up, a 6 year old child could be seen coiling cables on stage. A nice touch to a BIG evening out in Stellenbosch.

I still only know and understand one of their songs, or to be more specific, the chorus.

Pics will follow soon I hope.

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