Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ashtray and Boxoffice at Aandklas

So, on Saturday night I did something I haven't done in a while. I went to Stellenbosch to watch bands. Ashtray Electric and Boxoffice were playing a show at Aandklas.
I had never heard of Boxoffice, and was a little intrigued to see them. Also, ashamedly, I hadn't seen Ashtray in long enough to feel like it was the first time. But it was great. Boxoffice were a little (weirdly) boxed by there music. Drummer (whatever his name is, call him Jim) was very a very talented individual, but did not look like he was enjoying himself at all. He was looking a little nervous (understatement of the century).
Anyway, Ashtray impressed me. They were fun, professional and they had a real good time on stage. They played their latest single, "Overstared" which had baie afrikaans mense singing along. It's a stunning track besides for the fact that I (synical I) hate sweet wine. Check out the Youtube video.

It was a jol. I am glad I made the long trek from Hout Bay to Stellies!
[pics from MK face and Mfm voice, Lize Kay]


Lize K said...

Awe, you did add the link! Thank you kindly. Cool post, very to the point and exactly what it was. See you around RCK =)

heino said...

i think slowly, but surely, you're going to start loving stellenbosch. haha. it's just such a mission getting there for you though.