Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter, what a time

People think that because it's Easter, God is more likely to reveal Himself in a way that is new and bizarre. Take this picture of a perfectly decent Kit Kat as an example.Is this really Jesus' face or just a coincidence? How does anyone know what Jesus' face really looks like anyway? I am no theologian, but I don't recall reading many instances when Jesus revealed himself through chocolate bars. Too cynical? This could be my face. It's not, but it could.

How about the next character who reckons that this is the Easter bunny in a chip, a potato chip.
"Mary Lindstrom told the local TV station that she didn’t use to be a believer: “she has seen stories on TV about people seeing images like the Virgin Mary on a chip or a pancake, but she’s never been able to visualize the image herself, but the bunny she saw right away..."

Seriously, these people live among us...

Bunny article
Kit kat article


simplegirl said...

Hilarious! Great post. Now I feel like Kit Kat, yep, it was a very decent pic.

Richard Cole King said...

I didn't people still read this blog. You realise this post was three years ago!