Friday, March 20, 2009

So, it's been a week, but it's still bloggable. Zebra & Giraffe played at Mercury Live last Saturday night. They were there to launch their new dvd/cd, Collected Memories.
Gregarontosaurus could be seen fashioning a grey Ladyhawk t, and one of those little hats that are becoming more and more 'in' as time goes on. He played a telecaster, but not his. You should know by now, he had a bunch of music equipment pinched from his car in Joburg a couple of weeks ago. Shame. He did well.
Anyway, the band that opened for them were awful, 3rd World Spectator. They played once with Maroon 5. Weird, I would never have given them that much stage. Those were some brave organisers.
Anyway, back to Z&G. I haven't seen their dvd. I wonder what it's like?
Next time they are in Cape Town, will be for Coke Zero Fest in April. They are playing with one good band and a stack of average bands with good marketing, and then South African bands. Fun.

Z&G Page
[Photos by Zahahahra Robertson who finally becomes legal on Sunday]

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zahra said...

wahooooo! yay for legal on sunday and yay for using the same picture twice (in case you didn't notice)