Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dear Reader at Assembly

So, on Thursday night I suppressed my longing for sleep and headed out to Assembly to watch the wonderful Cherilyn and her boys (Drummer and Bassist/Keys) perform songs off their new album, "Replace Why With Funny". They were dearlightful.

As I arrived a noticed a phenomenon so foreign to me, I had to look twice. Most of the crowd were sitting on the floor or a corner of one of the few couches that had been strewn across the venue. It was a sight to behold. Did they not know that people puke, spill beer and drop cigarettes on that floor? But eventually I succumb to the pier pressure. The opening act, (the name of which alludes me) was ok. The best part of their set for me was when the Daniel Craig looking bassist said, "Thank you for supporting South African music" in a thick German (or Eastern European at least) accent.

After a short break and a stretch of the legs, it was time for Dear Reader to charm a very chilled out but appreciative crowd. It really didn't take long. Even the Freshlyground crew were there to show their support. Cherry's voice and musical accompaniment were so lovely that we (most definitely I) were/was totally mesmerized. With subtle backing vocals from Mikey (as Assembly affectionately named him) and Darryl and looped backing vocals from Cherilyn. Confused? Well, she sings a line, Darryl records that line and loops it back into the mix. Then Cherilyn sings that line again over the first line, just as a harmony. Darryl records it as well. Then, loops both lines (melody and harmony) and Cherry has the freedom to sing other stuff over the looped lyrics. It added so much to the richness of the mix. Inge used to do it for Lark as well. Winner.

I was chatting to Cherilyn afterwards and they are now signed to a label in Berlin (possibly my favourite city in the world!) This means they hit European tours like once of a month. Their plan is to eventually move to Germany and be based in Berlin. Go team.

It was such a lovely evening and a nice change from the acts I am accustomed to viewing at Assembly.

Check out an EPK video for "Replace Why with Funny".

Listen to their whole album

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