Monday, February 23, 2009

Taxi Violence, Francois and Inge collaborate

On Saturday, Taxi Violence performed at Marshall Music in Cape Town with guest performers Francois from Polisiekar and Inge from Lark.
The weird thing about the show was that is was in the morning, about 11am. The event was to celebrate LMG's birthday. LMG is a music magazine in Cape Town.
Hearing George and Inge perform was certainly a highlight for the 25 people that had gathered for the show. Francois was still pretty under the weather from whatever he had been up to until the wee hours of the morning. Fun times.
After the show I had a chat with Francois. He is very handsy, and does not like blogs, maybe thanks to a word or two from good old Luca.
Fun morning but it was sad that so few people turned up for the show.
Yours in musical......kidding.


zahra said...

..."madness"...say it. i dare you to finish your post with the word "madness".

that chick is lame.

Richard Cole King said...

She makes me weep a little on the inside. Kudos for all the effort though, we can't doubt the commitment.

zahra said...

yeah efforts there. her dignity isn't.


yours in musical madness"

heino said...

loving the beach flops.