Monday, February 16, 2009

The best night of our lives! (This is a late post)

Not really, but it was pretty much the best way to spend Valentine's day if there is no significant other.

Outfits ranged from awesome, to ordinary, to awful! Fun times. Check out the pics from the we are awesome kids.

Due to the 'free before 22h30' thing, by the time I arrived, it was packed. They must have done some seriously good marketing, it was the fullest I have seen Assembly in a long while!

Other than being Valentine's Day, crowds were drawn by yet another Z&G show at Assembly. The bizarrely diverse crowd mixed and mashed into a sea of colourful fruitfulness as Zebra & Giraffe played a punchy, energy filled set with lighting to match. (By fruitfulness I do not mean for a second procreation in the kissing booth.)

It was a winner of an evening that ended with the Wedding DJs playing a mix of of 90's pop and rock, from Michael Jackson to The Back Street Boys. It kinda worked.

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