Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kidofdoom and Ben Rausch team for RAMFEST

Kidofdoom and Ben Rausch (from Johnny Neon) will be doing the third instalment in their "Trajectory" series.

Basically the Trajectory shows are scored live by Kidofdoom (obviously) and then there's a rather abstract narrative told through the lighting of Peter Rodda and the visuals that Ben's keytar spits out.

The story of Trajectory III will be told through an astronaut's journal as he travels to, and explores a barren ice-planet called "Morgan 51".

The show will be performed live at Ramfest this Friday (27 Feb 09) at midnight on the main stage. if you're going to RAMFEST, this is a not to miss show.

Event Page

Here is a video clip from their second Trajectory at Earthdance with a teaser for number 3.

Do it.

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Anonymous said...

The spirit of what happened in the San Francisco music scene during the 60's is alive in KidofDoom's method. If only more local bands could afford?/organise? similar gigs with harmonious collaborations between sound and light...if only.