Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Metronomy gets housey!

Are DJs trying bridge the gap between gentle indie electro in a pure form and house electro? I think they might be. Remember the Metronomy post, Metronomy - A Thing For Me? I showed you this video.

Anyway, there have been one or two cool remixes done of the song. The other day, I was reading Electrotrash (as one does), and I saw another remix that they were raving about. It's a Blackout remix and is so unbelievably housey that I almost turned it off. But there is a bizarre attractive and moreish quality about it, like something you know you shouldn't have but still do. Give it a whirl. I sat one of my most hardened indie friends down and even she had to admit it had a little something something. Maybe the Tiger Tiger Djs will find it?

Metronomy - A Thing For Me (Blackout remix)

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Ian France said...

I downloaded the video off of iTunes for free about a week ago. Love the remix too, it grows on you like a fungus.