Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aking announce Cokefest appearance and tour dates

So, barring Oasis, the South African acts are more exciting for Cokefest than the International ones. What a load of tripe! Now that aKing have joined the bill for the Cape Town leg, I totally want to pay R600. Not. I like them, but please get some decent International acts.

Anyway, here are aKing's tour dates for the next while:

Date: 13 February –
Venue: UCT, Cape Town– MTV Campus Invasion

Date: 27 February – Ramfest
Venue: Nekkies, Worchester, C.T

Date: 12 March
Venue: MFM Rockshow, Stellenbosch

Date: 22 March
Venue: Kirstenbosch Gardens, C.T
Cover: R50 adults / R30 scholars
Other info: Collaboration with Ghetto Sound.

Date: 10 April
Venue: MK Kaktus Sessions, KKNK
Cover: R50

Date: 13 April Venue: COKEZERO Fest, Ostrich Farm, N7

Date: 17 April
Venue: Wilgenhof Carry 6, Stellenbosch

Date: 25 April
Venue: Ratanga Junction, C.T

The big one is obviously the Cokefest on 13 April. If you have R600 lying around and are not too sure what to do with it, spend it on seeing them on stage.


Photo by Zahra Robertson

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zahra said...

i must really thank you in person for using my pictures so often on your blog.