Friday, January 2, 2009

Dario gets J-J-J-Jaded!

Last week I did something for the first time. Now, everyone has done Jock clubs at some time or another. Tiger, Bang Bang and Karma spring to mind. Some are ashamed, some are proud. But not everyone djs religiously at two conflicting venues playing two very different genres of music.

So, anyway, a bunch of us hear that our friend Dario (who plays every Tuesday night at Fiction) is playing (as he does every Friday) at Jade in Greenpoint on Somerset road. When we arrive we are greeted by a grunter who bounces us for being "under age". Guys have to be 25 and girls 23. Bummed. You think you are superman at 18 and at 21 the world is your oyster, there is nothing you cannot do. Who would have thought that even at 22 you cannot get in places? A "friend on the inside" pulls a few strings and we get in.
[average Jade crowd by no doubt]
So, we walk in to the sounds of Thriller or something of that nature. The age group can be described as 23 to pervert. Fun times. I swear I saw a 74 year old grey, partially balding man with his wife the same age. Weird. We danced on a carpeted floor to gems like 99 red balloons, OutKast's Hey Ya! (shake it...Polaroid picture song) and many other sing alongs. All this courtesy of Dario (the store owner turned jock dj) Leite. What a beaut. Anyway, it was such a jol, dancing in the same space as older jocks to Dario's thumping tunes. Even Stevie and Davie (with his head band) Huson had a blast whipping out the moves. Actually, Dave just texted me to go with him tonight again.

Check it out. It's educational to observe jocks in their natural habitat. You won't regret it.

If you would prefer to see Dario in action on a less invasive night head to Fiction on Long Street on Tuesday nights.


dario said...

so I'll see you on Friday then ; )

Richard Cole King said...

I would have been there last friday, but I heard the Jade star dj was going to Betty's for the weekend?? What was I supposed to do on my Friday night? I stayed home. Bleak.

Berry said...

every one has got to make a living some how.

richard cole king,serves food to make ends meet.

you can catch him on pretty much anyday of the week at paranga, camps bay.

or just read his bloggings here.