Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Basically, if you are not coming to My Cokefest you are in the sad minority, and if not sad, then the minority in denial. Check the lineup this year in running order below(for Cape Town). Now, I have no clue who the first two bands are, but I know Prime Circle, and I won't be too sad to miss them.

Shy Guevaras
Van Coke Cartel
Prime Circle
30 Seconds to Mars
Kaiser Chiefs
Good Charlotte
Chris Cornell

Because of South Africa's location on the globe, there are not too many bands keen to make a massive detour to come to our parts. Its not exactly on the way to anything else. We need to take advantage of all the International acts that come our way. Having said that, the only band that really tickles my fancy, is Muse. On hearing that I was going to see Muse, my friend, Stevie (Civil Twilight) said, "My gosh! You're gonna soil your pants for sure." So I am excited. He has seen them once or twice in the States. Basically, it should be a load of fun.
As far as tickets go, there aren't any Golden Circle left, but there are still Unreserved standing behind us in the GC.

See you there...

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