Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweat.X Return from Europe

So Sweat.X are back from taking Europe by storm so to speak. They have been raved about quite a bit on their travels. Northern Hemisphere press have been saying this:

"Spoek Mathambo from the awesomely awesome Sweat X has been droppin a bunch of mixes recently over on his blog. This one is no different with lots of Kwaito, tribal house, funky, minimal and straight up african street music. Get it while its hot…"

"Spoek Mathambo is the vocalist in South African/Berlin duo Sweat X , he brings us a mix filled to the brink with funky kwaito, house and all sorts of other smashing tracks that we haven't heard before."

"Sweat X's Spoek Mathambo just put a new mix of kwaito, house and Cabaret Voltaire up on the group's Throwing Shade blog to celebrate the southern hemisphere's summer. Our first impulse is to call him a dick for taunting us as our balls freeze in New York, but 2009 is a year for hemispherical unity so we'll just say thanks. Thanks. Check the tracklist after the jump and if you're in Europe make sure to check them out on their current tour."

Download their new track from zshare, called H.I.V.I.P: DEZEMBA LIAZONZ

They will also be playing in Cape Town on 6 February 09. Stay close for a venue.

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