Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Darkness Cometh

Last night Assembly was invaded by Northern Suburbs music enthusiasts to witness Damn Right, Taxi Violence and the big draw card, Aking. Unfortunately, the ticket prices were really high and so that affected attendance. R80

The two thirds capacity venue were subjected to the travesty that is Damn Right. With clashing melodies from front man "Nixxx" and backing from bassist "Bruizer" (??), there was little pleasant about the experience. I was not the only to feel that way. Eventually, the council had had enough and turned off the power. Quite a blunt message really. But once the generator was up and running, so were they. They started their song again. Bleak.

Next up were the more impressive Taxi Violence. They have been getting more popular over the months as they have tried new things like a dvd and actually playing loads of shows. They were tight, a good listen and didn't take the opportunity of playing for Aking fans for granted. They put on a show second to none. With definite Wolfmother/ACDC influences they opened their set hard and well and that set the mood for the rest of their set. Nice work.

Aking, the obvious main attraction for the evening seemed to be in a little bit of a weird place for their set. They played well and blahh blahh I enjoyed it. But they were so chilled on stage! There was very little jumping around or screaming as one has been accustomed to witnessing from bands from the Northern Suburbs. Front man Laudo played out the show alone with a cute melodic tune on his guit and said goodnight. Download the Aking track, Love Your Neighbour, free from Rythm Online.

It was a super show on the whole, but I forgot it was a tattoo convention until this morning. Joy.

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