Monday, November 9, 2009

Grizzly Bear are everywhere

Grizzly Bear are rising to Stardom. Deep Blue Sea featured on the prestigious Dark Was The Night compilation, Veckatimest has been one of 2009's greatest albums and their new video, Ready Able, is bizarre, but great - they use plasticine in motion to tell a story.

Their track featuring Victoria Legrand, Slow Life, is part of the New Moon Soundtrack, a compilation that even grown men are considering purchasing for the unsurpassed calibre of music. Plans are in place to send fourteen year old siblings into record stores to grab the Pattinson covered CD along with the promotional poster - don't forget the poster!

Slow Life (Feat. Victoria Legrand) :: Grizzly Bear | zShare

Bonus track:

Service Bell :: Grizzly Bear & Feist | zShare

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