Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009) - RIP

So, I woke up to a lot more than I bargained for this morning. The world mourns as legendary King-of-Pop, Michael Jackson, dies. He had a heart attack at about 00h30 this morning (Friday June 26, SA time) at his home in LA.
These two are the same guys, I promise.
I have a pretty embarrassing memory that includes this man's music and a certain movie theme we used in high school for a cabaret. I danced, dressed as a girl to Thriller. Not my proudest moment, but the death of this sensation calls for some honesty. Am I alone? There must be others who have done stupid things in the name of Michael Jackson, things even he would frown upon?

Anyway, in commemoration of this guy, Asian Dan posted a track. Download below.

Michael Jackson - Get On the Floor (Holy Ghost! Edit)

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