Monday, June 15, 2009

Discotheque, Discotheque

So, on Friday night I went to the Discotheque. Yes, that's right, the Discotheque. Assembly was launching their 'venue within a venue' with a different entrance and everything. It remains officially unnamed, but is affectionately dubbed 'the Annex'.

Although off to a slow start, the night progressed, the venue filled, and the party got huge...until the the venue starting emptying again at about 1h30. It was a little weird. I think the pull of Evol is still very strong on a Friday night despite the ridiculously HEAVY ELECTRO (!!!) that was going down at the Annex.

The Discotheque definitely has potential to be a weekly thing, but I am not sure if the slash to revenue will be welcomed as Assembly usually fills the ENTIRE venue with a band or three on most Fridays.

Check out Assembly's site. It is actually very comprehensive, and for those who don't use Facebook, it is very informative.

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