Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marriage Material of the Week Part #2

So, after the controversial but phenomenal success of Marriage Material of the Week Part #1, I thought I should dive into part #2. I mean, I was so built up by you guys last week, I can't help but throw out another candidate.This week, we have a young lass, who rarely frequents the dance floors of Cape Town. Having said that, I don't think her reasons for not coming/going out are entirely personal choice. Look how happy she is! That's a large, tooth filled grin for someone who would prefer to 'stay in'. She looks genuinely excited to be there. Oh, and "there" is Assembly on Wednesday for aKing's launch. I missed the band, and apparently a whole lot more.

The happiness portrayed in this picture is unfortunately in stark contrast to the reality of a lot of the boys and girls in the clubbing world. Heavy note to end on, I know. But just think about it. It's a sad truth to absorb on this Sunday afternoon, but look at how happy our mmotw girl is!!

Check out some of the other pics from the night. WAA


Anonymous said...

She is hot.

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