Monday, March 10, 2008

Desmond are in Town!!

Desmond and the Tutus graced Cape Town on two very special nights this last weekend to pretty much show off. With super hero names like Super Shane and Dangerous Doug, one cannot help but be wowed by this epic 4 piece out of Joburg.

On Friday night The Tutus played at The Assembly. Although, it has to be said(sorry guys), it wasn’t their best gig, with unforeseen problems taking a little away from their act, Doug (electric guitar) and Craig (drummer and special cow bells) kept everyone entertained when they jammed with one another. Shane managed to charm the crowd with his trademark “German Claw” and other quirky dance moves. Not to mention his great skills on the harmonica!

The tour was a long time coming and we were stoked to have them in our city. They had performed the night before with Kid of Doom in Joburg and released a different video which Shane explained showed other bands like Jonny Neon and Kid of Doom dancing like men possessed. It was not an actual music video, but rather a Tutus video with other bands adding to the crowd. Check it out...

Saturday presented a double whammy of awesomeness! The New Loud Rockets opened for Desmond and the Tutus. They performed in a quaint club in Stellenbosch called The Hidden Cellar, which is ironically upstairs. NLR front man John Seth set the Tutus on a pedestal by praising them and calling them the best band in South Africa by a f**ing mile!

They came to the party. They performed like the best band in South Africa. It was definitely the best gig they have ever done in Cape Town. Sweat poured from the Stellenbosch locals and the travellers from Cape Town wished for shorts and wife beaters. They even planned a swim in the Stellenbosch Gymnasium outdoor pool. As John (NLR) pointed out later over a beer, it is impossible to not move with the Tutus energy. Desmond and the Tutus finished up their set with the NLR joining them on stage to dance it off with the lads. It was huge, and one could see that the well behaved audience wanted to get up there as well and bust some (moves that is).

After the gig the party moved to a pub down the road where people drank, danced, sang and just chilled outside under the beautiful night’s sky while reminiscing over the evening’s events. Then, for some, it was the long N2 back to Cape Town. Joy! If you missed out, Shame on you! But don’t be disheartened. Desmond will be back in Cape Town in April, hopefully with their debut album!

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helenblaine said...

very well written rich. i had images in my head of saturday night. it was freakin awesome! thank you. will definitely like to do something like that again. keep it real kid.