Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Night with Aoki Part #2

On my way to the much anticipated Assembly show I thought back on the discussion we had with Steve Aoki only hours before. The man plays between 250 and 300 shows a year and he runs a record label and he sources new acts and and and. I knew I was in for a treat.

As I climbed the Assembly stairs with my friends the hype that had so long been building was realised. I was concerned though. The Skene brothers were busting out some huge tunes, to the point that I thought that the evening might be climaxing too soon. But I was wrong, and not for the first time.

Aoki took the stage after midnight with expectations brewing beyond some fans control. A particular young lady (I am sure she was just one of many) had far too much to drink and it wouldn’t be farfetched to suggest that she remembered very little of the evening’s proceedings.

Aoki’s fan interactions were second to none. He was crowd surfing within five or 10 minutes starting his show. WARP (Aoki’s Bloody Beetroots remix) was his second track and proved a crowd favourite to the point that he closed the show with it as well. At the beginning of the show the die-hard fans and electro junkies filled the immediate area in front of the stage. There was a healthy mix of girls and boys in the early periods. But soon it became too much. The rotation policy became standard for most. You would enter the fray, get sprayed with champagne by Aoki and get wet-through from a mixture of yours and others sweat, and dance (like that was even optional with everyone rubbing up on you). Personal space doesn’t exist, but no one complains.Then you would get out, rest, recuperate, get a drink and head back in for some more fun. If you were lucky Aoki would even crowd surf while you were in there. These gatherings weren’t violent mind you (as so often they can be). It was just that err’body wanted to be at the front, to touch him (on his studio), to get a better vantage point or get spotted by Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter. Louder than the music was the ongoing chant, "Steve!...Aoki! Steve!...Aoki! Steve!...Aoki! Steve!...Aoki!" Such a jol.

Assembly did really well hosting this year’s biggest event. I remember Bloody Beetroots last year was great, but you could see that the hosts learned a lot from that time. The stage was bigger and the fencing around the stage was more secure (not moving every time a forward surge was made by crazy wet fans).

Big up ya’ll. Next up: JUSTICE (please).

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