Thursday, April 29, 2010

Desmond winners and a HUGE show

So, last week I had two pairs of tickets to give away to Desmond's MONSTER show at Assembly. The two winners each got a pair.

My first winner sent me this pic:
His email subject line read, 'I'm using my sexuality to win tickets. i even photoshopped out my tat.' - Pity he didn't photoshop out his fat.

The second winner sent this pic through.
It's a mixture of the winners' names on something that looks like playdoe, I think (and of course a play on the name Desmond & The Tutus).

Anyway, Desmond & The Tutus played one of the best Cape Town shows ever. Better the second time around rings true in more ways that one for The Tutus. The last time they played at the Assembly it wasn't amazing - the sound was poor and the crowd were not feeling them. Monday's show was also their second show of the long weekend. They played on Friday night at a charity event at the Albert Hall. The sound was very poor which was a real pity, considering the quality of the rig they hired for the event.

But Monday night was crazy. Without the online portal to purchase tickets, people queued. It's been a while since I've seen queues outside the Assembly. Anyway, the bands started early! Desmond, the headliners for the night weren't expected on before about midnight, but took the stage at 22h45. They played an energy filled (and energy sapping for that matter) sets I've had the good pleasure of witnessing. Their was even something of a tame mosh-pit in motion and loads of crowd surfing. (The next trick will be to convince Shane to take the dive.) More than that, other than their new track, everyone sang along to every song.

On the cards for the Tutus going forward are two more trips overseas - France in June and Japan in September/October (TBC). Stay tuned for more.


Kate said...

Best show I've ever been to at assembly! Pure win.

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