Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Living in Cape Town, a pretty small city for those who've lived here most of here most of their lives, you find that maps are not really as necessary as an ipod and griffin are in your car set up. All you really need in Cape Town is the aforementioned ipod, a jack, time (for the unpredictable Cape Town traffic), your sunnys and a sense of adventure. Because lets face it, just how lost can you get in a city where the mountain is there to guide every decision you make?

When in Melbourne, you need a map for everything. Because the city is so flat and is soooo spread out, you can get lost if you only lose concentration momentarily. In Australia you need four types of maps (location depending obviously). You need a road map for when you drive. [Never before have a treasured an electronic map as much as I did my TomTom while I was driving from one side of Melbourne to the other, an hour and thirty minute drive I might add.] You need a train map so you get on the right line. You need a ferry map for Sydney's water transport system. And, you need a tram map in Melbourne so that you end up where you want to, rather than not.

Speaking of maps, have you heard Maps from Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Probably. Have you heard the acoustic version and the Arcade Fire cover of Maps? Probably not hey?

Maps - Arcade Fire | zSHARE

Maps (acoustic) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs | zSHARE

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