Saturday, December 12, 2009

Die! Die! Die! & Villains of Wilhelm

Villains of Wilhelm

So while I was in Sydney last week I went to see a couple of interesting bands. We caught a train and a bus through to Bondi and after asking a few locals, we found Beach Road Hotel. Villains of Whilhelm are an Australian replica of The Hives, we decided. The Brisbane band seemed as thought they'd taken one of the Hives albums and put Aussie lyrics to the existing melody and jammed. It was quite a treat.

We were excited for the traveling band and main attraction of the evening, Die! Die! Die! who had come over from from New Zealand and are touring Australia. I had seen this video of them, and I took it for granted that they had a chick vocalist.

I don't think I can be blamed.

Anyway, the poor lads (yeah, three dudes) were awful. We left half way through their set. That's been my Aussie music experience thus far. I missed The Presets, I am missing Yacht tonight, and I found out last night that Animal Collective is sold out. Bleak. I might have to resort to Jet.

My friend is having his Bachelor's tonight, so that's sweet as.

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