Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Bedroom Philosopher

In my last week in Melbourne, I got a chance to see a bizarre, but quite brilliant act, The Bedroom Philosopher. His sound is quite similar to that of Art Brut, but he is so much more than just a musician. His show is musically apt, but his comedy is really good. Fashioned by his knowledge of Melbourne culture, a lot of his humour required some previous knowledge of the city. Needless to say, I missed some of it. But other humour was constructed that was more universal, or just easily understood if one had spent any time in the city at all.

His set was long, but easily observed from the sitting position that everybody maintained around their small tables with glasses of overpriced whiskey or wine. Fun.

He ended the show with this song, 'I'm So Postmodern'. Watch the video. It's much better live, but this will suffice.

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