Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Onesmallseed.tv Launch

It’s a Friday night. We’ve been slaving for the man all week long, it’s now time to let the hair down, have a drink and get your groove on.

The location (the only place to be these days), The Assembly.

A stellar event from one of the countries most loved pop culture magazines filled with the up-to-date culture we need to know each month to nurture and inform us on what to listen to and who to look out for.

Onesmallseed magazine launched the release of onesmallseed.tv at Celebrate this.too.

“This much anticipated online content streaming platform takes an intimate peak at the musicians and artists behind their artistic creation, their live performances, interviews and their backstage antics and is a true showcase of the South African creative spirit.”

On arrival the electronic toe-tapping mixes from DJ Charles Large warm you up from the bitterly cold outside world and create an excitement and anticipation for the evening's events. As I’m swamped with many familiar faces screaming “I can’t wait for aKing to play!”, it becomes very clear why everyone is here. Not only to have a good time and relax but to have a good time and relax whilst listening and rocking out to great music. The line up could make any decent music fan cry with joy.

Phoenix Kayode, UK born soul singer and songwriter gave a nice contrast to the rock acts that preceded him. Kayode blends smooth vocals with rhythmic guitar, his performance created a new dynamic to the evening’s line up.

Next up was the much anticipated Durban band, City Bowl Mizers, who blew Cape Towns socks off. These guys know exactly what their doing, an energetic stage presence that penetrated even the most miserable people there and got them dancing along. On an occasion or two, people were encouraged to come on stage and stage dive. It must be a Durban thing. What a legendary bunch of okes though. They interacted with the audience and let rip for a great time. Their sound mixes a 1950s poprock (think Elvis but harder), with early Smiths and is rounded off with some Strokes-y kind of bass. Some say the lead singer has an irritating voice others say that they are happy-go-lucky but whether in denial or not, I say embrace the music. The lyrics deal with partying, great friendships, great nights and girls. Theses guys are a refreshing change from the Nu Rave/indie scene that dominates music venues in Cape Town nowadays.

Finally, the moment the whole of Assembly had been waiting for. The rock gods of Cape Town descended to grace the mortals. Yes, it was time for aKing. Opening up with a rather deep song, Decomposing Lullaby, the whole club started singing along. Not the usual beginning to a set, but then again, when did aKing fit the mould? With their hard hitting guitaring and Snake behind the drums looking as if he is about to break holes in them, Laudo’s voice guided us through the journey of their music safely until we arrived at the end of the tunnel with their catchy body shaking, heart pumping, The Dance. What more can be said about this song? If you don’t know it, find it, listen to it and love it. aKing are not one of Cape Town’s favourites for nothing. They have been playing music since earth’s inception (or so it seems). When your at one of their gigs the music picks you up, envelopes you and destroys all else around, leaving you with only the pure ecstasy and pleasure to freely enjoy their music. With wickedly tantalising, hip shaking guitar solos (one songs sound is synonymous to Muse’s Knights of Cydonia.) aKing are as “guilty as sin” for giving me whiplash from dancing. They defiantly “light my eyes on fire”.

After their set, and after I had calmed down and managed to breathe again, I got a fresh drink and socialized.

I think everyone should spend their Friday night like I did mine. Wow.

- Kate Roux

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